Birth Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a birth photographer?
The idea of hiring someone you don't know to capture one the most intimate and special times of your life might seem a little odd at first. Husbands/fathers are usually the ones first unsure about having a birth photographer in the birth room. By hiring a professional to capture your birth story your doula/partner/family members are able to fully engage and better support you. The element of uncertainty is one of the reasons I do in person complementary consultations for all potential clients. This way we can break the ice, answer any questions you might have and get to know each other a little bit more. Honestly dads are one of my favorite details of birth. Their tenderness, strength, encouragement and pure joy is captivating.  It's such a wonderful part of your perfect story and it would be sad to miss that element if they are behind the camera. By having a professional you are also hiring someone who understands the environment and process of birth. This understanding allows me to stay out of the way of the birth attendants, position myself for better shots and adjust to quick changing birth environments. 

When do you go on call?
I go on call 2 weeks before your EDD and remain on call until the arrival of your baby. While on call, my phone is with me and on 24/7. I remain in the area, not traveling farther than 1.5 hrs from your birthing location (unless discussed otherwise)

​When do you arrive to document my birth story?
I typically arrive when clients are in active labor and remain until 1-2 hrs. postpartum to capture baby's many firsts. My arrival time is not set in stone though, labor history and distance from you are just a few things influence my arrival time.

When should I call you?
With birth photography communication is key. In the weeks leading up to delivery I ask moms to keep me informed of any changes they might feel or be informed of at their appointments such as dilation, effacement, membrane sweeps or scheduling of induction. By communicating these things, it gives me a little more heads up which allows me to have a more timely arrival. I would rather have a 1 am false alarm than a missed birth. So, if you feel anything different, please call. 

Do you use flash?
I love being able to use available or nature light, but with that said there is not always enough available light which can lead to grainier images. To counteract the lack of light, I will bounce my flash off walls and ceiling. This is not a popup flash that is going to flash in your face, but a strategically bounced flash to illuminate a desired area.

What is the initial payment?
The initial payment is 25% of the investment and this reserves your due date.

When is the remainder of the investment due?
The remaining balance after the initial payment is paid is due by 37+0. Should you go into labor prior to 37 weeks all images (including sneak preview photos) will be retained and unedited until the investment is paid in full. 

When should I expect my birth story?
You will receive a birth announcement sneak peek photo within 24hr of birth. The remaining edits will be delivered via your gallery within 4 weeks, unless other arrangements are made.

What if I require a Cesarean birth?
You will need to communicate with your care provider and advocate to have me in the operating room, if this is your desire. In an emergency situation, there may be no time to discuss this with your care provider and I may not be permitted in the OR. In this case, if possible I will hand my second camera to your support person to capture the best as they can. Once baby is with dad I will resume documentation myself.

What if I schedule a Cesarean?
You will need to communicate with your care provider and to make sure it is okay for me to be present in the operating room. You and your partner’s request for me to be in the OR stands far higher than my own. Ultimately your doctor and the anesthesiologist make the decision. Should they grant my entry in to the OR, I will be more than happy to capture your beautifully written birth story.

What if something happens during the birth?
Unfortunately, sometimes things can happen, but unless otherwise specified, and if the situation allows, I will continue shooting with discretion. If something traumatic happens, those photos will be put into a separate folder in your gallery, in case you are not quite ready to see those images. 

What if you get sick or can’t make it to the birth for some reason?
I believe the delivery environment should be as free of germs as possible. I will not attend your birth if I am showing contagious symptoms such as fever, vomiting, and new cough. If I am recovering from a cold, I will voluntarily wear a mask. 

How does it work if a backup photographer has to attend my birth?
In the rare chance a backup has to shoot your birth, they would hand deliver the RAW photos over to me for editing, and I handle the rest from there. 

How many images can I expect to get?
​I usually deliver around 200 images per birth. Length and unpredictable circumstances can influence this number.
Are you going to post my photos online?
All clients are given the choice to have their images included in my portfolio and further the message of the beauty of birth. If you decided to allow me to use your images in my online portfolio I would guarantee they meet my high standard of modesty. 

Will my photos be in color or black & white?
Your images will be in a mix of color and black and white. 

What if my labor is very long?
First of all, I want you to know I understand this possibility fully. Labor can be hours. I am there to document your birth and if that is your story, it’s part of your perfect written story. In the case of a long labor I do reserve the right to excuse myself for a short time for food and freshen up. 

Will you be interacting with us at all during labor?
I believe it is very important for you to have your perfect, peaceful birth space without any uncomfortable awkwardness. I am perfectly content being a butterfly on the wall, but there may be times that we will have a more interaction stage of your labor.  I am not one to just stand there if there is a need.  I do not do any posing or adjusting, unless it is for modesty purposes. 

How graphic will my photos be?
I strive to capture the all your story's  details the best I can while achieving a client's desired level of modesty. Your choice in birthing attire has a huge influence on the modesty of your images. When it comes to crowning images, moms have the option to have them  captured or not. The majority of my clients end up appreciating having these images the amazing process they contain. I can deliver these images in a separate folder upon request. With all this said, I firmly believe in the stunning raw beauty of birth and I feel it my client's choice to their own modesty when it comes to sharing their story.

When should I book with you?
I only schedule a limited number of births per month to give my clients the best service possible and keep a balanced personal life.  Please keep this in mind and reserve your due date as soon as possible.