"My water just broke!" It was 10:11 pm when those words popped up on my phone as my ringtone played the obnoxious Push It by Salt n Pepper song that I use whenever I am on call for a birth. That is enough to wake anyone out of a sound sleep! However, I was still very much awake and very excited to be getting this text from mom Sara. We all had a feeling baby would be arriving soon, call it what you want but I texted her the day prior saying "I have a weird feeling baby is coming soon and I need to check on you!"

By midnight on April 19th we had both arrived at Baby + Co. in Nashville, I arrived just before Sara and her family got there. Once they did arrive they were then greeted by one of the midwives who took her into birth room 3, where Luca James would soon be born.

Sara's contractions began to come on stronger and faster as time went on, they were the only family in the birthing center at the time and the midwives were able to give their full attention to mom Sara. By 1:45 am Sara felt the urge to push and it was time to get into the tub.

At 1:57 am on April 19, 2019 as Dad Tom looked on Luca James was born earthside. Slowly they worked their way over to the bed where the midwives checked on momma while she birthed the placenta that held and supplied nutrition to baby Luca for 37 weeks and 6 days.

A few hours later Sara's younger sister joined them in the room. She was able to assist the midwives in the baby's initial exam where it was officially determined that baby Luca weighed 8 lbs 14 oz, and getting the footprints too!

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