Restoration + Repair

Starting at $15.00 per image

There are three levels of repair Cheyenne will base your photograph on. Your quote will be given once Cheyenne is able to view the level of damage to the photograph. Prices will differ depending on the scale of work needed on the photo restoration. All images will be delivered digitally as a final product. (NO PHYSICAL PHOTO WILL BE DELIVERED) 

Level 1 Repair - Dust and surface scratch removal, color correction, crease and small corner repair.

Level 2 Repair - Small rips or tears, large corner repair, liquid and heat damage. 

Level 3 Repair - Extensive tears, rips or creases across entirety of photograph including faces and/or textured backgrounds. 

Add-on Colorization - Bring life and color back to your black and white photographs. Image colorization can added to any photo restoration or repair job for a flat rate of $10.00 per image. 

Retouching + Editing

$8.50 - $30.00 per image

Level 1 - Blemish removal, teeth whitening, skin smoothing, garment adjustment, liquefying of no more than one body part . 

Level 2 - Face and arm liquefying, acne removal, color cast correction, wet spot and stain removal, head swap, removal objects or limbs. 

Level 3 - Full body liquefying, adding additional people, removal of people, full face retouch, eye enhancement. 

Cheyenne will NOT accept any requests of editing, retouching, or altering another artist's or photographer's work without signed and dated permission from the original artist themselves. 

Other Services

Prices vary

Corner/Edge Repair ONLY - $10.00 per image

Colorization ONLY - $15.00 per image

(Discounts available for repairs of  5 or more photos.)